Leather used for making Ladies Apparel

10 Oct

Leather wear is no longer just for the cold season. There is no limit to ways and styles of wearing animal hide clothes. Naturally the material used for making such clothes, both for men and women come from different animals such as cows, lamb, pigs, sheep even horsehide. The quality of the leather largely depends on the tanning process. Manufacturers prefer working with soft and supple material when making clothes. Though at times tough leather is made use of when designing biker or bomber jackets; these of course are built to last.

Leather used for making ladies apparel

In most cases clothes manufacturers prefer goatskin, suede and cowhide. Goat and sheepskin fabrics are soft and supple and known as Grade One Leather. Because they can be quilted, embroidered and designed in myriad ways, they are expensive especially when compared with cheaper and coarser animal hide fabrics.

Ladies pants, formal coats and summer dresses are generally made of sheepskin or goatskin suede. Manufacturers use horsehide for making women’s biker jackets. Motorbike jackets for women are designed for sturdiness and are expected to last for generations. They have a functional utility and therefore are made of tough animal hide


Leather jackets For Women Different From The Ones For Men

26 Aug

Like any other item of clothing, animal hide jackets for women are quite different from the one’s made for men. The major differences are generally the kinds of leather used and the silhouette. Now that leather is available in a wide range of colors, even colors play a huge role.

Kinds of Leather

Women’s leather jackets are usually made from soft and supple leather such as goatskin and sheepskin suede. These leather types have high aesthetic value and are equally expensive which is why women’s leatherwear is generally more expensive than those for men.  


Women’s leather fashion is dominated by soft feminine silhouettes that are generally close fitting. Women’s biker jackets are generally characterized by feminine Chinese collars while longer trench coats are also popular. The cropped leather jacket is also currently trending amongst women with slender and tall figures. These kinds of jackets make it more than apparent that women’s jackets are largely different than those for men.

leather fashionColors

Nowadays leather is available in a wide range of colors. While traditional men prefer the standard black and tan jackets, women are known to opt for a wider palette that includes vibrant shades such as burnt orange, coral blue and bright pink. Colors play a huge role and mostly chalk out the difference between men and women’s jackets.



Formal Leather Wear

25 Aug

While leather wear has been predominantly casual in the past, there has been a recent trend that is dictating the use leather apparel that are of a much more formal silhouette; especially in formal settings such as the office or a business meeting. Formal wear has for long been pretty stable in terms of changing trends and we still wear the suits, trousers and ties that were worn quite some time back. There have been some changes but most of them rather subtle however formal leather wear can be considered a noticeable change in recent times.

Leather JacketThis trend is largely popular amongst women who enjoy a little bit more freedom when it comes to power dressing. Women are nowadays successfully matching up leather tops and leather skirts to wear to the office. Leather jackets with a noticeably more body hugging silhouette are also popular apparel amongst working women especially those looking to steer clear from what is usually pretty uniform and drab office wear. Men are also taking to formal leatherwear in a big way and this is noticeable as many men prefer to junk the drab suit for a neatly tailored animal hide jacket. This change in work wear has been slow but pretty steady.


Interesting Facts About Leather Wear

14 Aug

It is not so uncommon to come across people totally turned off by the smell of leather wear. New leather apparels have a distinct smell. A shop or boutique selling leatherwear would also perhaps have this smell permeating the whole place. As mentioned before for many people this is a bothersome smell however many leather aficionados revel in this scent.

Leather jacket

For somebody who is uninitiated to the process of tanning, the smell of new leather jackets may be mistaken for the scent of a dead animal whose hide was used to make the product. However this is truly far from the truth. The chemicals and dyes used to process leather have their own distinct scent. During the process of tanning these chemicals are generally used to treat the leather or dye it. In such circumstances these chemicals mask the scent of the dead animal which can be far more repulsive from say the scent of brand new leather pants. The chemicals used to treat the animal hide are generally serves to preserve the hide which would otherwise rot which is the natural order of things. If your leatherwear actually smells like a dead animal you would know and it would be time to send back the apparel to the store you bought it from.

Bomber Leather Jackets

7 Aug

Today’s bomber jacket is the ultimate style statement for any man. It symbolizes machismo and male charisma in more ways than one. It is a predominant display of raw attraction and masculinity and men across the world are known to put on a bomber jacket with boots and denims when in doubt as to what to wear. The bomber jacket has truly evolved since its inception however the origins of the bomber jacket are truly illustrious.

It was during the First World War that leather jackets were first used by fighter pilots as protection from the extreme low temperatures while flying at dizzying heights in uncovered cockpits. The United States Army soon adopted these leather jackets as official gear for fighter pilots. Soon the common public emulated their war heroes and the bomber jacket became winter wear for everyone.

Today the bomber jacket is popularly worn amongst men of all ages. Every few years designers choose these iconic jackets to refashion them to have them match up to the times and current trends. Nowadays bomber jackets are embellished, embroidered, manufactured in dyed leather in colors such as blue, red, yellow, green and other. With time there has been many changes to the original bomber jacket but one things is for sure which is they are here to stay.

bomber jacket

Leather Pants: A Buying Guide for Women

29 Jul

Pants made of leather have been worn by men and women for thousands of years. It was necessity that made these wears so popular across continents, now it is more about fashion. Not many apparels match the elegance and durability of hide products. Unlike ancient times, these pants come in a wide range of designs and cuts now. With so many options to choose from it becomes quite confusing to choose one. The following tips will make the task easier for the ladies.


Women who want to show the curves may opt for this type of leather wear. Leggings wraps tightly on the body. Women who are not in best of shape should avoid wearing it. They go well with blousy tops and high heels and high boots.


Full length leather trousers are similar to any other type of trousers. Some are very much like jeans but fit on body better than denims. The low rise ones are quite in vogue these days. You may consider buying the type.


These leather pants are similar in design and cut as capris of general types, made of different materials. So they come around the knees or the mid calf. Getting one of these types is not a bad idea either.


Leather shorts are among the hottest leather wears. They come in wide varieties- ones that fit tightly around the thighs and as well as the types that roomier. They can be worn with tops, shirts and even leather jackets.

leather jackets

Difference between Leather and Textile Biking Jackets

28 Jul

There has been a raging debate in regards to the apparent attributes of leather biking gear such as jackets over normal textile jackets. While for many people there is simply no competition and leather wins hands down, others may need some convincing. Leather has many great attributes however when one looks closely at leather gear for bikers, one will be surprised to know how suitable this material is for long expeditions and biking trips. Read further to know more.

Aesthetic Appeal

Biker jackets made out of animal hide have been a part of the biking tradition for ages now. The fact that bikers wear leather is a stereotype nobody is complaining about.  In fact for many bikers textile jackets just wouldn’t fit in to their scheme of things and there is definitely something not right about bikes and textile jackets.



Since the time of the First World War, leather jackets have been known to provide warmth against extreme cold conditions. For serious biking aficionados, long biking expeditions through tough weather is almost the norm and animal hide jackets are the best source of warmth.


While textile jackets must be washed regularly, it is not the same for animal hide jackets as these can be just dusted off or wiped down with damn cloth to remove dust and grime on the road.