Interesting Facts About Leather Wear

14 Aug

It is not so uncommon to come across people totally turned off by the smell of leather wear. New leather apparels have a distinct smell. A shop or boutique selling leatherwear would also perhaps have this smell permeating the whole place. As mentioned before for many people this is a bothersome smell however many leather aficionados revel in this scent.

Leather jacket

For somebody who is uninitiated to the process of tanning, the smell of new leather jackets may be mistaken for the scent of a dead animal whose hide was used to make the product. However this is truly far from the truth. The chemicals and dyes used to process leather have their own distinct scent. During the process of tanning these chemicals are generally used to treat the leather or dye it. In such circumstances these chemicals mask the scent of the dead animal which can be far more repulsive from say the scent of brand new leather pants. The chemicals used to treat the animal hide are generally serves to preserve the hide which would otherwise rot which is the natural order of things. If your leatherwear actually smells like a dead animal you would know and it would be time to send back the apparel to the store you bought it from.


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